Category Amount Benefit
Overall Event


USD $ 50,000 Recognition as event main sponsor and hosting partner

Up to 5 banners inside  and outside the conference hall.

–  10  minutes on  each day  of  the  conference to market directly to the delegates

Exhibition space

Logo is carried across all our conference materials

Delegates’ bags  insertions

2 complimentary delegates’ passes (including  bed and breakfast accommodation for 4 nights)

Representative speaks at all the  social  events, and  at the  event opening and closing ceremonies.

Recognition as overall  event sponsor in conference publications and at all events

Provision  of speakers/moderators for specific sessions as desired.

Publicity beyond the conference in our publications and on the website

Event Sponsorship

Gala Night

Young Lawyers


Women Lawyers


USD $ 20,000 –  One   complimentary  delegate’s   pass    (including   bed   and   breakfast

accommodation for 4 nights)

–  Significant branding  (non-exclusive)  of  the   sponsored  event, and  co-

branding of the entire conference

Up to 3 banners inside  and outside the conference hall

5 minutes direct marketing to delegates on the  sponsored event, and  5 minutes on one of the selected day

Delegates’ bags  insertion

In-House Counsel



Leading Law Firms


USD $ 20,000 –  One   complimentary  delegate’s   pass    (including   bed   and   breakfast

accommodation for 4 nights)

Exhibition space

Recognition as sponsor in conference publications

Provision  of speakers/moderators for sponsored event.

Publicity on our website

Category Sponsors (Selecting thematic areas to sponsor) – corporate governance, aviation, competition, capital markets, trade, tax, human rights  etc. USD $ 10,000 Exhibition space

Up to two banners inside  the conference hall

Recognition as sponsor

Two complimentary delegate’s passes to the conference

Providing co-moderator for the sponsored category

Logo published in event publication

5 minutes at the sponsored session to market directly to the delegates

Publicity on our website

General Sponsorship USD $ 5,000 Recognition as conference sponsor

Provision  of co-moderators for conference sessions

Exhibition space

Publication of logo in conference publications and on the website

One complimentary delegate’s pass

Exhibitors USD $ 3,000 Exhibition space

Logo published in one event publication

One complimentary pass (day meals and conference)