Welcome to the 27th

East Africa Law Society Annual Conference & General Meeting 2022

We are pleased to welcome you to the 27th edition of East Africa Law Society Annual Conference and General Meeting, the largest gathering of professionals in law across the East African Community. Over 600 lawyers from across East Africa and beyond will converge in Arusha Tanzania, between 23rd and 26th November to discuss business, create networks and keep abreast with topical issues affecting the profession.

In 2021, lawyers from across the region showed their resilience, emerging from the hugely disruptive COVID-19 pandemic to attend the 26th EALS Conference in Zanzibar in big numbers. We are hoping to host a much larger number this year given the relaxation of travel restrictions and the rising need for lawyers to rebuild their networks.

In keeping with our traditionally high standards, we have organized and tailormade this year’s conference to suit every cadre of the legal profession from young lawyers to in-house counsel to women practitioners to leading law firms and even those serving in public offices.


The theme for this year’s conference “FOSTERING EAST AFRICAN UNITY AND DIVERSITY IN A GLOBALISED PRACTICE ENVIRONMENT” region has been carefully selected to discuss the expansion of the Community, arising opportunities for lawyers and how they can leverage the diversity and strength in numbers to achieve success in an increasingly globalised practice environment.
East Africa’s Natural Resource Potential as a driver for Economic Growth and Stability

will seek to explore the natural resource potential of the region, its potential for driving economic development in the region and the role and opportunities for lawyers in natural resource extraction process. With the entry of natural resource rich DRC in the EAC, it will also explore the risks relating to natural resources especially conflict related risks.

Rule of Law and Democracy as tools for Driving Development in the East African Community

will look at the role that observance of rule of law and principles of democracy play in accelerating economic development in East Africa. Thematic discussions will look at continued repression of alternative voices in the region, loss of indigenous land rights, corruption and transparency, illicit financial flows/money laundering and recent geopolitical developments in the region.

Corporate and Commercial Law

The Evolution of Commercial Law Practice in East Africa” will examine developments in corporate and commercial law practice in the last 27 years and the role of technology in transforming commercial law practice. Have lawyers in East Africa kept pace with the evolution? How can they catch up with the fast-moving train?

Expansion of the EAC and the Promise of Regional and Continental Trade Agreements

will seek to look at the historical expansion of the East African Community from three Partner States to the current seven, the entry of the Democratic Republic of Congo into the community and its potential implications, the coming into force of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACfCTA) and other regional and continental trade agreements the opportunities they present to lawyers.

Technology and the Evolution of the Legal Profession in East Africa

will provide a platform for legal professionals across the region to discuss how the legal profession has evolved over time in East Africa and the role of technology in accelerating this evolution. Can we predict the future?


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